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Virtue construction is more than a business. We want to ensure you get the home you deserve while delivering the satisfaction of being stress free during your renovations.

Services we offer

Roofing / Siding


Investments as big as replacing your home's roof we want to offer every resource necessary from inspections to repairs, and full installations.


Maintaining siding is a crucial part of your home's exterior whether you are replacing or updating your exterior. We offer inspection and installments for your convenience.

Storm Damage & Maintenance

Unforeseen events such as harsh storms and hail cause damage to your home, rely on our team to relieve stress from your shoulders and make the necessary repairs. In cases where storm damage has occurred we offer around the clock repairs.

Roof Repairs

When a full roof replacement is not necessary due to the area that needs to be prioritized is minimal, a roof repair is the most effective to longate the age of your roof.

Our Expertise


We are fully licensed. License No. BC794760.

Contacting your insurance

Assist with the process to ensure you fulfil the means of your insurance policy to better serve you.


Most homeowners are not aware of their homes exterior condition, our complementary inspections will provide the reassurance of your homes exterior and be at your services for your needs.


To better protect your home we maintain a General Limited Liability insurance.

Construction: Switch to Our Process

Step 1: Contact us to schedule an inspection.

Step 2: We will inspect and evaluate your roof.

Step 3: We will provide any services necessary to give you the home you deserve.

Step 4: Remain stress free with your experience with Virtue Construction.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we often get about your roof / siding

When do I need a new roof ?

When there is hail, wind or storm damage present on either structure. If there is, it's nearing the end of its lifespan. Any bald spots on the shingles. Shingles missing shingles, or shingles curling.

Repair vs. Replacing?

Repairs are a convenient way to prolong the life of your roof or siding if the damage is a small area. If it is a larger area then a complete replacement would be necessary.

Any assistance contacting insurance?

We navigate the home owners through the entire process to give you a positive experience.